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Instagram has at today is one of the biggest social media platforms with an estimated 1 billion monthly users (According to Statista, 2018). Statistics have also shown that engagement among these users is high and is continuously on the increase, with about 75% of the users taking action on the Instagram posts.


Why Instagram is a good marketing channel for your hotel business

Instagram has gained popularity among travellers, with over 70% of their picture posts are on trips to various locations around the world. For this particular reason, hotels can benefit a great deal from Instagram.

With Instagram alone, your guests can easily showcase your hotel to the world by sharing their experiences with their followers on their individual pages. For travellers, finding visuals and information about your hotel becomes easier and accessible. Instagram also allows you to engage with potential future guests, create brand awareness, and share your hotel’s story.

To gain the full benefit of Instgatam, you need to create targeted and engaging posts coupled with some level of consistency. Here are three top tips on how to get the most out of Instagram for your hotel.


#1. Identify your target audience on Instagram

Before you share any post on your profile, you need to properly identify your target audience or market on Instagram.

Creating a post for everyone will not give you the desired outcome.

Try to narrow your posts to a particular audience by using hashtags that are relevant to that specific post.

For instance, you can use #honeymoon to target couples who are planning to embark on their honeymoon and are looking for a hotel to lodge.


#2. Make posts that appeal to your target audience

The next critical thing to do is to ensure that the posts or pictures that you will be uploading will appeal to your audience or customers.

Making random posts can lead to the loss of potential followers/ customers that might be interested in your hotel.

For instance, your current followers or potential followers might be interested in posts containing images of the location, beach and food. You can use the techniques explained in step one above to target your particular audience using hashtags.

When using Hashtags, make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your post,

Another good way to use this to your advantage is to add a location when making your posts, this will not only tell potential guests your exact location, it will also help narrow your targets to the people in that location.

#3. Be consistent

The key engagement driver on Instagram is consistency. If you only pop up in followers’ feed once in a long while then it will not take time for customers to lose sight of your brand.

But if you make your posts in a consistent pattern, like every day or twice a week, followers will get to know and identify with you, which makes it easier to engage with your posts.

Talking about consistency, you also need to apply same principle when choosing your post contents, colours and themes. This helps to create a brand impression on your followers and guests.


Instagram is fun, simple and easy to set up. It is versatile and requires low-maintenance.

By appealing to your followers with high-quality and engaging video and picture content, you can grow a large network of followers and possibly customers for your hotel.

To conclude, it is pertinent to note that engaging customers and guest is crucial to winning and retaining customer loyalty. Supply informative and precise comments or responses to enquiries when necessary.

And also make it easy for guests, customers to share pictures of your hotel and their personal experiences (I will do another article on this).



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